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5 Tips For A Healthy New Year

January 15th, 2016    •  by fizzniche    •   No Comments »

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard enough about New Year’s resolutions to last me until…well, next year! But in order to improve, we do need strategies to motivate ourselves. That means setting priorities, not making empty promises (resolutions) you won’t keep.
So here are five of the biggest tips to having a healthy new year. Come on, you deserve to be healthier, because you’ll feel better too. And who doesn’t want to feel good, huh?

Healthier You Tip #1: Eat More Veggies

Yes, our mama’s told us. But seriously, make a point of adding a new vegetable to your old stand-bys. This will add new vitamins and minerals to your diet. Now hailed as THE most vitamin-packed veggie, kale is surprisingly delicious and easy to prepare. You can also try Brussels sprouts, great when roasted with olive oil, or wash and slice celery sticks. Try a new variety of squash. By the way, butternut squash roasted whole in the oven is the simplest, yummiest thing yet.

Healthier You Tip #2: Drink More Water

Since 90% of our bodies are made up of water, it means that every day our blood, skin, organs and muscles depend on having enough to function properly. The classic “8 8-ounce glasses a day” is still a good benchmark. Tea counts.
Make a habit of drinking a full glass of water when you take supplements and medications. Then every time you go to the bathroom, fill up on another full glass. You’ll be going again pretty soon, but what’s that going to hurt?

Healthier You Tip #3: Get More Sleep

Most Americans are sleep-deprived. If you find yourself yawning or having a hard time staying awake during the afternoon, it’s a big sign you are not getting enough shut-eye at night. Make it a priority to wind down earlier and crawl into bed a half an hour sooner than usual. You may thank yourself.

Healthier You Tip #4: Reduce Your Stress

Here’s a biggie, because some of us are actually addicted to stress. Yep. Ask around. Try leaving a few minutes early on that commute to or from work, and notice how much calmer you feel when the traffic piles up. Another easy way to reduce stress would be to eliminate one unnecessary, or less-important, commitment from your weekly schedule.

Healthier You Tip #5: Get Examined

Some of us are great at taking care of others; but are we willing to take care of ourselves? To take care of our loved ones, we’ve got to be healthy ourselves. Make that trip to the doctor or dentist and find out what tests you are due for.  For men, there’s the PSA, depending on your age. And most adult women need breast exams regularly. Also, have your blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels checked out.

Better than “Happy New Year!” is “Healthy New Year!” Make the decision to be a healthier you in the new year. That will make it a “happy” new year as well.

Written by: Ruby Holder Moseley, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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