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7 Healthy Thanksgiving Eating Tips

October 27th, 2015    •  by fizzniche    •   No Comments »

Couple sat by tree1. Make sure you are getting enough sleep the week before Thanksgiving. You will eat more when you are tired!

2. Drink tons of water during the day.

3. Eat some healthy snacks during the day before the main meal so that you aren’t ridiculously hungry when you sit down to eat.

4. Decide ahead of time what you will eat. Don’t waste calories by sampling everything.

5. Truly savor and enjoy your meal. Relax, enjoy every bite and eat slowly.

6. Limit the alcohol. That just adds calories and lowers your inhibitions about eating.

7. Plan ahead with different responses to the push to get you to eat more. Do not say you are watching your weight. Get more creative and you will have a better chance of people leaving you alone about what you are or are not eating. (Examples: “I don’t want to eat sugar anymore. It is zapping my B vitamins.”  “My doctor told me I don’t have a tolerance for _________.”)

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