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Oakland Audiology Offers a Full Spectrum of Hearing Care Solutions

Maybe you are beginning to experience the first signs of mild hearing loss and feel it’s time for a baseline hearing test. Or maybe you have been wearing hearing aids for a while and you want to explore some of latest new technologies. Perhaps your job or hobby exposes you to dangerous levels of noise and you are thinking about hearing protection.

If it has to do with hearing, Oakland Audiology is here to serve you. Following are some of the many of the ways we can help you and your loved ones hear and communicate better.

Basic Hearing Services

  • Comprehensive hearing testing for all ages
  • Counseling on hearing loss
  • Hearing protection—Custom swim molds, noise and musician earplugs and more
  • Assisted listening devices (ALDs)—vibrating alarm clocks, amplified phones, TV Ears and more
  • Education on hearing care and the prevention of hearing loss

Hearing Aids and Related Services

  • Hearing aid prescriptions, recommendations and fitting
  • A wide selection of hearing instruments in a variety of styles from major manufacturers
  • Counseling on hearing aid use
  • Full range of hearing aids including a wide range of styles and the latest advanced hearing instrument technology
  • Hearing aid batteries
  • In-house service and repair of hearing aids (for most manufacturers)

When you purchase your hearing aids from Oakland Audiology, your purchase includes:

  • Hearing aid batteries
  • Quarterly cleanings and adjustments
  • Yearly audiometric screening
  • First-year loss and damage coverage
  • Repair or loss and damage replacement/renewal options

Cochlear Implant Support New!

  • Support services (mapping) for cochlear implants and bone anchored hearing aids (BAHAs)


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