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What Are The Main Causes Of Hearing Loss

March 15th, 2017    •  by fizzniche    •   No Comments »

Hearing loss can be caused by several different things, some that can even be successfully treated with medicine or surgery.  Hearing occurs when sound waves reach the structures inside your ear, where the sound wave vibrations are converted into nerve signals that your brain recognizes as sound.  To understand how hearing loss occurs, it can be helpful to narrow down potential problems or influences

Of the many causes of hearing loss age is the most obvious.  It is a natural consequence of getting older and nearly impossible to avoid. Our hearing ability worsens as early as our 30s or 40s and continues from there on out.  Take that bit of information in consideration and realize that more than half of all hearing-impaired people are of working age.  Some other causes of hearing loss include damage to the inner ear, a buildup of earwax, infections and a ruptured eardrum.    The most important thing is the earlier you get a diagnosis and treatment, the more you can stay involved in the world around you so start making annual visits to your doctor as early and your thirties to prevent any worse damage.  Here is a compilation of the many things that can affect our hearing at any age:

  • Malformation of outer ear, ear canal, or middle ear structures
  • Fluid in the middle ear from colds
  • Ear infection
  • Allergies
  • Trauma to ear or head
  • Autoimmune Ear diseases
  • Poor Eustachian tube function
  • Genetic or Hereditary Consditions
  • Excessive exposure to one ear (shooting guns, playing an instrument)
  • Perforated eardrum
  • Benign tumors
  • Impacted earwax
  • Infection in the ear canal
  • Foreign body in the ear
  • Otosclerosis


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